Bias Incident Summary

The charts below reference reports of bias incident referrals received by the University. To date this academic year (July 1, 2023 – November 20, 2023) the University has received 65 Bias Referrals.  This chart will be updated monthly.

After each referral is submitted, the matter is reviewed by the following Offices/Departments:

The Dean of Students Office and/or Residential Life

  • Who will create a plan to provide University support to identified impacted parties - referrals may be assigned to the Graduate Student Affairs Office and/or Regional Campus Student Services staff
  • Support is tailored to the specific individual and/or location of the incident (i.e. impact to a residential location)

The Office of Community Standards

    UConn Police Department

    • Who will review for potential violations of Federal, State or Local Laws

    UConn Report of Bias Incident Summary Academic Year 2023-2024