Protect Our Pack

Protect Our Pack

Protect Our Pack is UConn’s university-wide bystander intervention program to educate our community regarding effective methods to intervene in a problem situation.  Training programs are interactive and cover a variety of issues including sexual assault, intimate partner violence, stalking, bias related situations, and others.  All incoming students receive an initial training program during orientation.  Additional interactive Protect Our Pack educational programs are provided throughout the year upon request and are tailored to meet the specific needs of the student group, class, team, etc.

To request a training program, or for questions, contact Jenn Longa, Assistant Dean of Students for Victim Support Services & Bystander Initiatives:  Call 860-486-3426

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Pack Leaders

The UConn Pack Leaders are volunteer trained students who provide educational programs to their peers on intervening in problem situations, particularly in issues of sexual assault, intimate partner violence, and stalking.  They also provide intervention strategies in bias related incidents, hazing, depression and suicidality, and problematic substance usage.  To become a Pack Leader students submit an application and are interviewed and screened by the Assistant Dean of Students for Victim Support Services and Bystander Initiatives, the Coordinator for Student Support Services and Bystander Initiatives and the graduate student for the program.

Pack Leaders are required to attend training as well as weekly meetings and to commit to two semesters of participation.  Pack Leaders are not expected to be experts on all related topics, but to have an understanding of the concerns facing students and a desire to help others realize they can make a difference by stepping in when problems arise.

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