Frequently Asked Questions

Students walkingI’m thinking about withdrawing from UConn this semester or not returning next semester. Who do I see? What do I do?

Students may officially leave the University of their own volition through two different actions: withdrawal and/or cancellation of registration. Both actions are finalized and processed by the Dean of Students Office (DOS) through the completion of a Voluntary Separation Notice (VSN) or online cancellation. Cancellation of registration takes place prior to the beginning of a semester. To officially withdraw means to terminate enrollment during a semester that is in progress; this action must be completed in person. Students may withdraw between the first day of classes and the last day before the final exam period.

How do I return to UConn after a period of time away?

Undergraduate students who have separated from the University for any reason and wish to return will need to be readmitted through the Dean of Students Office by competing an application for readmission. The application will be submitted online and will be directed to the campus the student wishes to be readmitted to. Refer to the application for readmission for more specific information and timelines.

How do I “transfer” from Storrs to a regional campus, and how does this affect my enrollment/graduation from UConn?

You would discuss your plans with the Registrar. It may be cheaper and/or more convenient to attend a regional campus. The Registrar would then assist you in your transfer (campusfer). You are still considered a UConn student, only at a different campus. Often, students complete their last several courses at a regional campus – you still graduate from UConn!

I am an out-of-state student. How do I qualify for in-state tuition?

The Connecticut statutes establish criteria for in-state residency for tuition purposes. The statutes speak to a permanent domicile, financial independency, and the intent to be a resident of the State. There is an application available to apply for in-state residency on our website or you can pick one up in the Dean of Students Office.

What is finals rescheduling or bunched finals?

A student may receive permission from the Dean of Students staff to reschedule a final exam if the exams are bunched (i.e., more than 2 exams in one day) or if the student has extenuating circumstances beyond their control (e.g. religious observances). Proper documentation will be needed at the time of the meeting. Students who are sick during the finals period must be seen by Student Health Services for verification of illness. Student Health Services will provide this information to the Dean of Students Office and we will inform the instructor(s) of permission to reschedule the final. Students who are ill and see Student Health Services do not need to also visit the Dean of Students Office.

What is an extension of an incomplete course grade?

A student who has extenuating circumstances which prevent the completion of course assignments during the semester may work with their professor to request an “incomplete grade”. This will allow the student to complete the coursework outside of the semester time frame; generally before three weeks into the next semester. Students who have a previously approved incomplete but cannot complete the work in the allotted time should contact the professor to request an extension and complete the Request for an Extension of Time for Incomplete Courses form on our website. The completed form is returned to the Dean of Students Office for Processing.

Are there any options for emergency loans?

Students encountering financial difficulties may apply for a Short Term Emergency Loan (STELF) through the Dean of Students Office. Loans are available to students who are currently enrolled and seeking an undergraduate degree on the UConn Storrs campus. The loan must be for school related expenses and cannot be used to pay a balance owed to the University. All loans must be repaid by the end of the semester in which it was requested.

Are there specific services offered by the Dean of Students Office for Veterans and/or active duty military personnel?

The Dean of Students Office is responsible for working with students whenever they are called to active duty while enrolled and to assist them when they are ready to return to their academic program at UConn. When working with veterans, we will do everything possible to ensure smooth transitions that are to the advantage of the student. Detailed information about Readmission and/or Withdrawal procedures for recently activated or returning veterans is available at The Dean of Students Office works in close partnership with the staff in Veterans Affairs and Military Programs to help student veterans have a successful UConn experience.

I have an ongoing relationship problem with a roommate, friend, co-worker. We seem to be at a stalemate.

The Dean of Students Office can provide trained mediators to act as facilitators in these situations. The mediators are students and staff who have been through an intensified training. They are available to meet with disputants in an effort to assist in resolving conflicts. Call (860) 486-3426 for more information.

I am doing poorly academically and/or fear dismissal. Help!!

Arrange to see a staff member in the Dean of Students Office. We can discuss your academic and personal situation; help to clarify your academic requirements; and link you up with other appropriate resources on campus.

I do not know where to go with a question, issue, or problem.

The Dean of Students Office is located in the Wilbur Cross Building, 2nd Floor, Room 203 or you can call us at (860) 486-3426 as we are always a reliable place to start. We may not be able to help you directly but we will get you to the right person(s).