Apply for In-State Tuition

A Student who starts at the University in an out-of-state billing status who changes their permanent residence to Connecticut and is seeking in-state billing status must complete the application below. Once you’ve completed and submitted the application (including mandatory documents), you will be contacted by a staff member from the Dean of Students Office.  The deadline to submit an In-State Tuition Application for the Fall Semester is July 1st, and the deadline to submit an In-State Tuition Application for the Spring Semester is December 1st.

Completed applications and all supporting documentation should be submitted via the secure file upload process. The steps are outlined below:

Step 1: Complete and save the application (the orange button that says "Application for In-State Tuition").
Step 2: Complete and submit the form embedded below the application.
Step 3: You will receive an email at the address entered on the form with a secure link to upload the completed application and all supporting documentation for review.
Step 4: Applications can take 4-6 weeks for review.  They are started in mid-May for fall reviews and the beginning of November for spring reviews.  Please note all deadlines.

Application for In-State Tuition

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