Final Exam Rescheduling

There are some special circumstances that grant students the ability to request permission to reschedule finals. Learn more on this page.


Request Finals Rescheduling

Students may use this form to submit a request to reschedule a final exam because of extenuating circumstances. All requests will be reviewed and students will be notified of the final decision by email. Requests to reschedule due to extenuating circumstances must include supporting documentation. Submitting an online rescheduling request does not guarantee approval. The deadline for bunched finals rescheduling for the Fall 2023 semester is Friday, December 1st, 2023, and requests received after this date will not be considered. Extenuating circumstances requests will be considered through the end of the semester.

Bunched Finals Information:

Deadline for Fall 2023 Finals Rescheduling, December 1st, 2023.

How to find your exam schedule in Student Admin:

Find Exams

Examples of Bunched Finals:

3 Exams in One Calendar Day

  Monday Tuesday
8:00am Exam  
1:00pm Exam  
3:30pm Exam  

4 Exams in Two Calendar Days

  Monday Tuesday
10:30am   Exam
1:00pm Exam  
3:30pm Exam Exam

3 Consecutive Exams (Option 1)

  Monday Tuesday
8:00am Exam Exam
3:30pm Exam  
6:00pm Exam

3 Consecutive Exams (Option 2)

  Monday Tuesday
10:30am Exam  
1:00pm Exam  
3:30pm Exam  

Final Exam Rescheduling (Non-Bunched Finals):

Extenuating Circumstances

Students with extenuating circumstances that conflict with their scheduled final exams are encouraged to contact the Dean of Students Office to speak to a staff member as soon as possible.  Students who demonstrate unavoidable circumstances may be approved to reschedule one or more of their final exams.  Supporting documentation is required and requests cannot be reviewed fully until it is submitted.

Immediate Illness

In situations where an illness will prevent a student from taking a final exam, please visit Student Health Services for verification of illness. Student Health & Wellness will provide information to Dean of Students Office who will then inform the instructor of permission to reschedule the final. Students who are ill and were seen by Student Health Services do not need to also visit the Dean of Students Office.

Students who are ill during final exam week and seek treatment from an off campus medical provider will need to work with the Dean of Students Office to request permission to reschedule an exam.  Request permission by contacting the office at and a staff member will follow up with the student directly. Supporting documentation will be required and must verify the date(s) of illness, without medical details. Documentation may be emailed or faxed to 860-486-1972.

University Emergency Closings

In cases of University closings (emergency or severe weather conditions), finals may be rescheduled from the original date/time. The Office of the Registrar will determine the makeup finals schedule in these instances. Please see the Office of the Registrar website for the most up to date information available.

Regional Campuses

Students enrolled in regional campus courses must refer to the final exam schedule available in their Student AdminStudents needing to reschedule an exam on a Regional campus should contact the Student Services staff at that campus to request approval .

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