Regional Campus Appointments

Avery Point Students

Students considering leaving UConn, Avery Point or needing other assistance should meet with an Assistant Dean of Students. The Assistant Deans are available for online or phone appointments, Mon-Fri from 1-3:30.  After clicking on the Nexus link please select one the following staff members to schedule an appointment: Asst. Deans Luz Burgos-Lopez, Paula Wilmot, or Kim Duby.

Hartford Students

To schedule an appointment with Lisa Henderson, Student Service Coordinator for general questions, please email her at Christine Mosman, Associate Director of Student Services will have appointment time slots available on NEXUS.

Stamford Students

To schedule an appointment with Erica Granoff or Jose Luis Ramos, login to NEXUS.

Please email with additional questions if you are a Stamford student.

Waterbury Students

To schedule an appointment with Kelly Bartlett or Stuart Brown go to NEXUS to view their available appointment time slots.