Leaving UConn

Students leaving the University should contact the Dean of Students Office (Storrs students) or the Regional Student Services Office with questions. When the process is Finalized, you will be emailed.

Leaving UConn Checklist

Prior to meeting with a staff member, students should review the Leaving UConn Checklist to learn more about the withdrawal/cancellation process and the potential financial implications of this decision.




Students who will not complete the current semester in progress are WITHDRAWING

  • This requires an in person or phone appointment.
  • Storrs students should contact the Dean of Students Office.
  • Regional Campus students should contact the Student Services office at their home campus.


Students who do not plan on returning for a future semester should complete the online CANCELLATION form

  • Current undergraduate students from any of the UConn campuses who will not be returning for the next semester, should click on the ‘Request a cancellation’ button below.
  • You will need to choose yes on the first two questions to continue with cancellation.
  • You will receive a confirmation email once it is processed.

Request a Cancellation

Leave of Absence

Students who want to take a semester or more off with a specific return date to the same academic program, may request a LEAVE OF ABSENCE

  • Make an appointment by calling a staff member at your campus.
  •  To qualify for a leave of absence you must be in good academic standing and not on probation.