Veterans and Active Duty Military Personnel

Readmission/Withdrawal Procedures for Recently Activated and Returning Veterans

The Dean of Students Office is responsible for working with students whenever they are called to active duty while enrolled and to assist them when they are ready to return to their academic program at UConn. When working with veterans, we will do everything possible to ensure smooth transitions that are to your advantage.


When you are notified that you are to be activated/deployed, contact our office. We will help you complete the proper paperwork to either withdraw you from a current semester and/or cancel your registration for the semesters for which you will be away. Please bring a copy of your orders with you so that we can place you on a Military Leave of Absence (MLOA) Status. As a student on a Military Leave of Absence, you may be entitled to automatic readmission, enabling you to return to the program requirements under which you left. If time does not permit you to visit our office, you or someone you trust (parent or partner) can fax (860-486-1972) or email ( your orders with a letter to our office explaining your need to take a MLOA. Please note that while we can accept your information from another individual, we cannot share any information about you with this individual unless you submit a FERPA waiver, available here.

The Dean of Students Office can also help you investigate, with your instructors, different possible avenues to complete a semester that will be or has been interrupted by military service. This could include the possibility of getting incompletes, or finishing the classes early.


The Dean of Students Office is also the office through which you will apply for readmission to the University. In order to apply, you will need to fill out the Readmission Application. Assuming that you notified the Dean of Students Office when you were deployed and provided us with a copy of your orders, you should be on a Military Leave of Absence (MLOA) Status. Students on MLOA status are eligible for automatic readmission into their previous program, if they meet specific conditions. If you are not on a MLOA, but think you should be, include a copy of your orders with your readmission application and we can correct your status.

The Dean of Students Office starts processing readmission application for a Fall semester December 1st-July 1st and for a Spring semester August 1st – December 1st. Knowing that you are in a special situation, we will accept readmission applications that are filled out by a person on your behalf (parent, partner…) if you cannot complete it yourself. Although we will accept late applications from students unable to complete it before the deadline, we recommend you complete it as soon as possible to take advantage of UConn’s early registration.

The staff in the Dean of Students Office will also be happy to work with you on any other issue that you may encounter in transitioning back into University life. We may be reached at (860) 486-3426.

Any students seeking guidance about veterans benefits, or other military benefits, should contact the Office of Veterans Affairs & Military Programs at (860) 486-2442, or go to for further information.