The Student Who Is Severely Disoriented or Psychotic

Facts About Psychotic Thinking

The main feature of psychotic thinking is “being disconnected from reality”.

Symptoms include:

  • speech that makes no sense
  • extremely odd or eccentric behavior
    • significantly inappropriate or an utter lack of emotion
    • bizarre behavior that indicates hallucinations
    • strange beliefs that involve a serious misinterpretation of reality
  • social withdrawal
    • inability to connect with or track normal communication
    • extreme or unwarranted suspicion

Bipolar disorder involves periods of serious depression which can be combined with periods of extreme euphoria and frenzied thinking and behavior, the latter of which can reflect a poor connection with reality. A person with bipolar disorder can appear psychotic.

Psychological illnesses that involve psychotic features often have an onset between the late teens and early 30s.