Responding to Student Athletes

Facts about students who are athletes

  • They are held to the same academic standards as all UConn students.
  • To remain eligible to play their sport, they must also meet NCAA requirements.
  • They deal with all of the same issues as non-athletes with additional pressures.
  • The Counseling Program for Intercollegiate Athletes (CPIA) (860-486-5515) provides counseling, tutoring, and academic enhancement.

When a student-athlete misses classes or exams due to team travel

Student-athletes are told at the beginning of every semester that they should review their travel schedule and their course syllabi. If there are any conflicts, the student should approach you as soon as possible to seek other arrangements. It is ultimately your decision to provide other options. You may require documentation of team travel, which will be provided by CPIA at least one week in advance of the trip if not sooner.

What is CPIA?

CPIA’s largest component is counseling. A counselor is responsible for helping student-athletes decide on and coordinate their academic direction, monitor their academic progress, report their progress to coaches, refer them to appropriate resources when needed and be their advocate. The program also offers First Year Experience and Senior Year Experience classes to help with the transition to college and life after college. The second larges component is the tutorial program. CPIA provides course-related tutoring specifically for student-athletes, so that tutorial sessions, both individual and group, are coordinated around their class and practice times.

Concerned faculty and staff can call the main number for CPIA (860-486-5515) and request to speak to the counselor for a particular team. Counselors will make every effort to keep information confidential in their efforts to assist student-athletes. Other questions may be directed to Ellen Tripp, Director of CPIA.