Resources for Faculty & Staff

The Dean of Students Office is available to help faculty and staff members work with students. Our website houses a variety of resources that you can share with students in need of assistance; it also explains policies and procedures that often affect faculty and staff as well. If you can’t find what you need on this page, please call us at 860-486-3426, email us at or stop by and see us in person in the Wilbur Cross Building.

FAQ’s about Students IssuesStudents in a classroom on Oct. 29, 2015. (Sean Flynn/UConn Photo)


  • A student in my class is very disruptive and has not responded to my requests to change his behavior. Other students have started to complain. What can I do? Every faculty member has the right to conduct class without disruption from students. If you have spoken with the student and the behavior has not changed, we recommend that you first seek advice from colleagues who may have experience with this student. After that, please contact the Dean of Students Office by phone or email and explain the situation. We will listen to your concerns and then work with our colleagues to address the student’s behavior through appropriate channels. We will keep you informed about this process.
  • I am concerned about a student who seems to be having some emotional struggles. What should I do? Sometimes a student just needs someone to talk to, and you may feel comfortable being that person. Sometimes, though, you are not comfortable in this role, or you have a sense that the student’s problems extend beyond the need for just a “friendly listener”. Depending on your relationship with the student, you may feel comfortable suggesting that the student make an appointment to see someone in Counseling and Mental Health Services. You can also call or email the Dean of Students Office for advice. We can help you advise the student, or can invite the student to meet with one of us and get the help they need.


  • Where can I refer a student who has health concerns? The best place to start is Student Health Services. They have an “advice nurse” who can answer questions and make the appropriate referral to a physician, nurse or other staff member.
  • A student in my class has missed a number of classes because of illness. Am I obligated to excuse the student’s missed work or to give the student extra time to complete an assignment? It’s important that your policy on missed classes or assignments be stated at the beginning of the semester so students know what they can expect should they become ill. That policy is up to you. However, if a student has an extended illness and is in danger of failing a class, please suggest that the student make an appointment with the Dean of Students Office to discuss their options. We will work with faculty to try and accommodate the student.
  • A student claims to have a disability that requires me to make a special accommodation of some type. How can I be sure to do the correct thing? Ask the student if they have registered with the Center for Students with Disabilities. If so, remind the student that they cannot receive accommodations unless requested and the faculty member has received notification directly from the CSD. If the student says no, ask the student to please do this so that you may assist them. Only the CSD can authorize an accommodation at UConn. Faculty should not accept letters or requests that come from other offices at UConn or other individuals or agencies that are not UConn affiliated. Specific questions about accommodations should be directed to the appropriate office. If the student does not want to work with CSD but is still requesting your assistance, please contact the Dean of Students Office by email or phone for further direction about the student’s situation.

Academic Struggles

  • A student in my class is having difficulty with the material and/or assignments. Are there services available for the student? The best place to start is your department. Are there services provided specifically related to material taught in your department’s classes? If not, it might be best to refer the student to the Institute for Student Success. Other, more specific, options might be the University Writing Center, the Quantitative Learning Center, or the Academic Achievement Center.