Bias Incident Protocol

Bias-Related Incidents/Graffiti/Images

A bias-related incident is an incident that negatively targets, intimidates, or threatens an individual or group due to race, ethnicity, ancestry, national origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, physical, mental, and intellectual disabilities, as well as past/present history of mental disorders. This includes, but is not limited to, graffiti or images that harass or intimidate individuals or groups due to the above characteristics.

Speech and Civility in a University Setting

The University of Connecticut values the freedom all members of our community have to express their opinions.  It is only through such an environment that the educational values of our institution can be attained and our community can thoughtfully engage in the continual discourse that is necessary for the process of discovery and the creation of new knowledge.

Bias related incidents, as defined in this protocol, are not tolerated at the University of Connecticut and individuals who are victims of bias related incidents may be protected through the Student Code ( and Connecticut laws related to discrimination, harassment or intimidation based on bigotry or bias.   Not every act that might be offensive to an individual or a group will be considered as harassment and/or a violation of The Student Code. In cases where the Student Code may not apply, the University will still consider appropriate educational remedies.  Such remedies are not designed to be punitive, but rather seek to explore the adverse impact of bias-related actions upon the values of the UConn community.


The goal of the Bias Incident/Graffiti/Image Protocol reporting structure is to assure that there are designated places to report incidents.

Anyone can report bias incidents/graffiti/images. When a student reports an act of bias to a designated office, the incident will be shared with one or more of the following offices.

  • Dean of Students Office
  • UConn Police Department or the State Police
  • Community Standards
  • Office of Institutional Equity
  • Office for Diversity and Inclusion
  • Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs (AVPSA), via other relevant staff members.
  • Incidents may also be reported to Residential Life, Cultural Centers, or student organization advisors. Staff in these areas should report the incident to their supervisors.
  • Regional campus students should report to the Director of Student Services:
    • Avery Point (860) 405-9024
    • Hartford (860) 570-9083
    • Stamford (203) 251-8484
    • Waterbury (203) 236-9800


Bias incidents/graffiti/images may indicate a need for education in our community in order to remedy harm done, and to provide opportunities for reflection and growth.  Such educational efforts are not part of the investigation process and are not intended to be punitive.

Appropriate staff and faculty will work with students to plan timely, educational opportunities that are reflective of diverse learning styles, and address relevant issues from multiple perspectives.